Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9, 2010

Oh this path. Spring has truly sprung here in Texas and I've got a bumper crop of weeds! They are all over the place (remind me to take a picture of the backyard - terrible!!). But the path is particularly bad. It looks even worse with the clumps of brown crap on the side. The hard freezes and temperatures in the teens really put a hurting on my plants. I'm not sure which ones are going to make it back so until I can figure that out, I'm just leaving the muck on them. Hopefully I will get it sorted out by Summer!
What you can barely see in the top photo is the hour of work I did to get this section clear! Ugh, 90% to go! It was such a perfect day today and we had rain yesterday to make it a bit easier....perhaps a half hour a day and it will be magically cleaned up!!

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