Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28, 2010
Another beautiful Spring day here in Texas. My compact cherry laurel is just about to burst into full bloom and the butterflies and bees just can't keep away. A bit of yard work again today, clearing out the weeds in the back and cutting back the lilies on the path. I've finally given up that the brown will either fly away by itself or the green will overtake I've just hacked the whole plant down to 4" and I'm hoping for the best. It was a good decision because I managed to find two sprinklers on the path that had been trapped under the encroaching lilies for two seasons now. I also put down lawn fertilizer/weed killer. Not that I want the grass to grown, I just want the weeds to die. And it's already working. I love chemistry. The bizarre thing about it they have scented the fertilizer this year. I thought when I looked at the bag, well who needs that? But then I opened it up and thought the "Meadow Fresh" scent was quite nice. Now my whole garage smells like an air fresher....

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