Friday, March 5, 2010

March 4, 2010

The first birthday post of the year! Jane turns an unmentionable number this year and I couldn't let the day go by without celebrating her special gifts.

She clearly loves my "fur children" even the less smart one who occasionally eats poop (I'm talking about you Ginger).
She's a little crazy, but we've grown to like this out of her!She is ridiculously appreciative of all gifts. It's just as much fun to watch her unwrap gifts as it is to watch the kids unwrap gifts - mainly because she is still a kid at heart!
She lets me harangue her about all aspects of her life. Like going to the gym - of course I'm glad that one has paid off by keeping her within five pounds of her weight when she got married (way to go Jane!)
Jane cooking. Is there really anything else I have to say about this? Who hasn't gotten the Jane recipe where the key ingredient isn't mentioned until you are well into the cooking process? Oh yeah. You do need whip cream to make that egg nog pie.
These pictures just make me smile. I hope they make you smile too because that's just another one of Jane's specialties.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Totally unrelated
to all things birthday is my undying love for the Zappos. I ordered these shoes on Wednesday night at 11:15pm. And here they are on my doorstep at 5pm on Thursday. Free shipping. I might never buy shoes anywhere else.

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