Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 17, 2010

Our first day of temples in China, why didn't we start with these!? With the brightly colored ceramic tile roofs in green, yellow and teal, they are so much more colorful than the drab gray of the rest of Pingyao. For a walled city they sure could fit in some large temple complexes! We were able to cram in the Temple of the City God and the Confucian Temple (because they were across the street from each other) in the morning before a lunch at our now favorite, Tai Yuan Kui, on South street.
After lunch we headed back to our hotel to meet our driver to take us to the Wang Family Compound which is a massive complex of courtyard houses. It's almost like a little village it's so large. And the whole thing is set on a hill so not only is there a lot of walking, but its up hill walking!! Another blazing hot day in China had us both pooped for the ride home! I'm sure we'll get an excellent night of sleep on our overnight train to Xi'an.....riiiight.

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