Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 18, 2010

The hottest overnight train ride ever!! Ok so I didn't take this particular picture, but I did take loads of other ones this day. We caught the overnight train to Xi'an, about a 10 hour journey on the hottest train ever. The train was split with mostly tourists from Europe and Chinese. Our particular six bunk section was two other Americans from Boston and two travelers from the Netherlands. I think you're forced to make conversation and friends in such tight quarters.
After the really hot night we spent a really hot day in Xi'an. Gary, our tour guide, and our driver "Mr. Rich" drove us to the walls for quick bike ride, out to the terra cotta warriors, the Banpo museum, then back to the Big Wild Goose pagoda, and finally the Muslim quarter.
Most people travel to Xi'an only to see the warriors, I think there is loads more to see. I could easily go back and take in some of the temples in the surrounding area!

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