Friday, September 3, 2010

August 30, 2010

Did you know that Monday was a holiday in Great Britain? Well for most of it - not Scotland. But it meant that we had the SLOWEST transfer through London ever. It took every bit of two hours to get through customs and onto our next flight at Heathrow which didn't leave us any time to change into work clothes (as we were headed straight into meetings).

This left me changing clothes in the ladies bathroom at the Aberdeen airport. I'd just gotten set and was going to shove everything back into my bag when the power went out. I'm talking no emergency lights, no windows pit of darkness. When was the last time you repacked your bag by the light of your iphone? It can be done.

An important tip for followers. Electronically sensored sinks don't pour out water when there's no power. You'll likely realize this after you've put soap on your hands. But that's OK because you can dry off the soap with the use of a paper towel.....if you could find such a thing in a bathroom full of electronic hand dryers. So I recommend toilet paper and a stumble toward the exit.
We're all queuing here because the electronic door that opens so the baggage handlers can put luggage on the electronic belt wouldn't open. Now there is an ACTUAL door located NEXT to the luggage belt door (see the light coming in?). It took the airport authorities 30 minutes before they determined they could simply carry the baggage in.

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