Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 25, 2010

Tonight Mad Men has its season premiere on AMC. I love that show, will the new agency work? Will Betty stay with Henry? What stunts will Don pull this season? I think the occasion calls for a celebration and what better way to celebrate than with a cupcake? I pulled this recipe for an Old Fashioned Cocktail cupcake from Cherryspoon and had to give it a try.
It's an interesting recipe, relying on a lot of baking power for these to rise. Even with that, there is just so much liquid, these definitely don't puff up like a normal cupcake and almost every one had a large air bubble baked into the bottom. The cake itself is similar to the texture of a whoopie pie cake, meaning you definitely can't bake ahead as the moisture in the air gets absorbed creating a sticky cake.

On the plus side, the flavor is dead on! I might try again with slightly less liquid as they are so pretty to look at...

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