Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 9, 2010

Today we went on a foodie tour of town. We started with The Harris Baking Company company where we had some delicious bread and cheese spread. As we had skipped lunch we were starving and *poof* soon the plate of bread was gone!

Next on to the Low Country Gourmet where we tasted all sorts of delicious aged balsamic vinegars and infused olive oils - I think this was the only stop where everyone made a purchase - look for some lemon balsamic vinegar coming your way soon.

Our third stop on the list and we were all still far from full. I think it's because they were "right" sizing the portions or enforcing a food pacing policy. Anyway on to Angel's BBQ where we all got a little tiny cup of pulled pork BBQ to try along with a variety of sauces. Just the right amount as far as I was concerned and a darned good BBQ.

After Angels it was on the the Paula Deen Experience at the Lady & Sons. We were all given a cup sized portion and told we could have any one item from the buffet. But we didn't see hoe cakes on the buffet and Kelly needed some hoe cakes. At 50 cents a pop, it turned out to be a great investment. We all coordinated and came away with meatloaf, creamed corn, mac & cheese, and green beans. We were hustled out of the restaurant, past all the gobs of people waiting to sit down, and into the nearby park/square where it was much more relaxed. Now 4 cups of food plus hoe cakes doesn't sound like too much, but added on to what we had already eaten and I was pretty much done with my lunch for the day.

The we moved on to Goose Feathers for some bread pudding. I'm not usually a bread pudding person, but this was delicious! Pictured below is the half portion they gave us - can you imagine the whole portion?!

Never one to turn down a sweet, I ate the whole thing....it was the *half* portion.
Later, we all decided this was the turning point spot. The bread pudding was where we went from, what a nice meal to holy crap and I'm really full. See the bread gets in your stomach and just expands like crazy. It's just not good - and we still had three more stops to go!

Now I know I would have enjoyed the Savannah Bee Company store much more if I hadn't been in actual pain at the point from the bread pudding. We tasted a few honeys, which were all delicious, and had a bite of honey comb with gouda and apple - yum! What a neat retail store too - you'll have to check it out.

On to the Cupcake Emporium where thankfully they let us take our order of pumpkin, red velvet, maple, and butter cake cupcakes to go. Later that night we made the mistake of eating these right before we went to bed. Seriously. Don't do dumb stuff like this. I had crazy dreams all four hours that I slept until Hil woke up to catch her plane.

Thank goodness the final stop was the Wright Square Cafe where the focus was chocolate. I can happily bow out of any tastings with no guilt!!!

Of course we had already made reservations for dinner. We tried to walk off the food tour, but it was of practically no use. I don't know how I was able to get in my vegetarian sampler and lord only knows how Denise was able to eat that giant lamb chop!!!!
What a great weekend with friends!! I can't wait until we do Vancouver!

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