Friday, April 16, 2010

April 15, 2010
Do you know what this is? That's right: Dinner. After two days of standing in the convention center in Houston and then driving back to Austin in the rain I was REALLY looking forward to the Hill Country Wine and Food Festival at the Whole Foods rooftop downtown. They even sent me a friendly email to let me know the event was rain or shine. Except they meant "unless it really rains hard because then we'll cancel at the last minute and not tell you until you get there."

Ugh! So after fighting traffic to get downtown and then fighting traffic to get back home this is all I had in the house for dinner. Well this and an apple with peanut butter, but who wants to see that healthy crap!?

Thank goodness I didn't have to go getting all irate all over them, I got an email the next day telling me they would refund my money. But next time, I want the wine and food instead!!

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