Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jan 26, 2010
Thank goodness for travel journals. I think this is a very important habit Mom instilled in me in our first big trip abroad. And thank goodness she did because I'm forever behind in my scrapbook and I need the reminders! Although it is a bit funny that I have no idea what I did last week but I can tell you exactly what happened on September 22, 2007: We drove from Vernazza to Lucca parking at the train station. We climbed the Torre Guinigi with a bunch of German school kids and then rented bikes to ride around town. We had pizza for lunch and caught the train for Pisa. We purchased tickets to climb the tower and had to wait an hour and a half for the pleasure. We killed time by taking funny pictures of us holding up the tower, touring the cathedral, and grabbing a drink. Then at the alloted time, we raced up the stairs on the tower (yes, you can really feel the difference in stair climbing when you are going against the tilt). Took a few pictures and decided that the railing wasn't high enough for our liking and jetted back to the train station so we could drive to Gambasi Terme and our Agritourismo for the night. Dinner at a local place of gnocchi and spaghetti con mista di mare while watching the Miss Italia pageant - Julia won, but that wasn't until the next night.

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  1. Bring your Germany and Spain journals in March so I can take the vacations all over again reading yours. And you can read mine! Gramee