Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan 13, 2010
My new obsession is The Food Network Magazine. I always find great recipes inside to try. I had to breakdown and get a subscription after buying the last three months off the newsstand. Well, the Costco. (Do we even have newsstands anymore? I guess in bigger cities, but we don't got 'em here in Austin.)

We had a doctored up version of a white bean chili this Sunday and it was delicious! Just enough eat to get your attention and it *feels* healthy because there's spinach! Yum-O! In my version I forgot the wine (doh!), substituted cannelloni beans, and didn't add the smoked paprika (you know I don't like things that are smoked) or the cream (why? I guess it cuts back on the heat, but really this dish doesn't need the extra fat). Oh and I took the lazy man's way out and used a rotisserie chicken.

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