Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 30, 2010

Now this is an exciting picture isn't it?! It was a long work day and it turns out this was the only picture I took that day. I had to send it to one of our partners so they would know what came in the box.

We seem to have two types of Fridays in our office - those where everyone is there and it's busy, busy, busy - even busier than most days of the week and then those Fridays where it's totally dead. This was a totally dead Friday. I spent a bunch of time cleaning out the cube next to me so another person could move into it and then realized, crap! I still have to do all my work that I do on Fridays in addition to this. Ugh. It made for a late Friday departure which was particularly painful given that it was so quiet in the office otherwise....

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