Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 25, 2010
Girls Night Out (GNO) with the Ladies of the Oaks. Marleen hosted at her house and we all brought a snack and bottle of wine to share. Yum-o! Delicious-ness.

It was good to catch up
and find out from Sarah that perhaps they aren't totally re-building the burned-out fire house behind her! It seems like they are just ripping off the garage and putting a new roof on. Apparently the house is already down to studs on the interior. But still, the windows have been open for months, I can only imagine the grossness that is in there between our super how Summer and wet Spring. Stay tuned for details!!

And in other news, I'm switching to Arial font in the blog. I had been using Lucinda Grande which looks great on the Mac, but I hate it on all other Arial it is!

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